Where Deep Business Knowledge Meets Technical Mastery

At operational level, IBS provides consultancy & advisory services for business processes & organizational modeling, development of policies, processes and procedures to assure maximum productivity with optimal costing model.

At technology level, IBS as solutions provider will offer design, procurement, development, deployment & training of IT setup, smart office, workflow automation, paperless environment, ERP and decision support system including executive dashboard, KPIs and reporting.

Main Services


IBS is specialized in providing Transformation & Technology solutions towards achieving desired business goals and objectives. Transformation including Business Process analysis, modeling and optimization are performed per international standards, notations and languages in adaptation to client’s requirements, vision and environment.


IBS Technology Consultancy & Advisory Services cover wide spectrum of fully integrated Smart Building technology solutions to provide end users with an interactive, convenient, and automated environment.  The process starts with concept development and becomes a part of the building’s soul, reflecting on the very identity of the project