• IBSBOX™ Apps Suite

    IBSBOX is a suite of online business applications to aid, govern & manege a company’s working environment & resources. Progressive Web App (PWA) enabled framework providing a friendly & optimal user interface from any mobile device or web browser type. The box currently has 8 business Apps related to Productivity, HR and Finance.
  • IBS ERP™ Solution

    IBS Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of main business processes, that includes financial and operational features. Our ERP provides an integrated and continuously updated view of core business processes.

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IBS is specialized in providing Transformation & Technology solutions towards achieving desired business goals and objectives. Transformation including Business Process analysis, modeling and optimization are performed per international standards, notations and languages in adaptation to client’s requirements, vision and environment.

IBS Technology Consultancy & Advisory Services cover wide spectrum of fully integrated Smart Building technology solutions to provide end users with an interactive, convenient, and automated environment.  The process starts with concept development and becomes a part of the building’s soul, reflecting on the very identity of the project



116 years of combined international experience & business affiliates spanning across the world



through a dozen projects, our team filled the storage space on the servers



through everyday activity, our managers have been actively interacting with clients



in 12 years of productivity, we have shown our customers the skills and innovation


testimonials from our valued partners and customers
  • Over these past two years (IBS) proved that it’s a special company and among the pioneers at their field, by its talented team overall from management to programmers with a good background of experience and with their desire to always develop their work and try to provide best and most simplified solutions to their clients, working with (IBS) helped us a lot in aligning our goals with our systems which gave us a lot of support which helped in facilitating our path to success.
    - Hammam Zare
    Majid Society
  • IBS provided thorough vision for the smart systems integration and functionality in the HQBP Project along with systems design and detailing. IBS added value came clear during construction and the valuable assistance and coordination they provided to the construction contractors. But most outstanding of all is how IBS functioned on the 2 most critical aspects of an IT project: (1) Bringing every thing to a comprehensible level for the stake holders to understand and make the right decisions. (2) Exerting budget and cost control thru out the project stages.
    - Dr. Khaled Tewfik
    D. Arch VP of Projects Midrar Development Management
  • During working with IBS for the past 5 years across many of our projects, IBS consultants were professional, paying great attention to detail while always seeing the bigger picture and achieve the desired target. They combine excellent technical knowledge with superb structured management skills, confident communications abilities. Additional to their core scope, they also went above and beyond in many aspects. IBS has been great asset to our projects and we have no doubt to employ them again in our future projects.
    - Eng. Essam Fakieh
    Managing Partner at Al-Dar Al-Khasa
  • Right from the start, IBS impressed us with their efficient, professional manner and approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for.
    - Eng. Omar Alhachim
    Vice Presidency for Projects, King AbdulAziz University